Step-parent Adoption

In today's society, more and more families are blended, or comprised of children from different relationships, marriages and adoptions. At Linda Stanley, P.L.L.C., we take great pride in helping families form and grow. One of the happiest parts of our legal practice is helping families create new and lasting bonds through stepparent adoptions.

Adopting a stepchild is an easy legal process when you have a skilled and experienced attorney on your side. Linda Stanley has been helping facilitate stepparent adoptions for over 33 years. To learn more about how she can help you, contact our office in Austin today to schedule an appointment.

In any stepparent adoption, a social worker will be appointed to the matter to do a background check and social study of the home to provide to the court before a judge grants approval. This is true whether you are seeking to terminate parental rights of a biological parent or not. We can help you prepare for these investigations, and make sure you are compliant with all requests made of you.

We will also help you complete all required paperwork and we will represent you at the adoption hearing, which is a happy occasion. There are lots of little steps which must be fulfilled in order to achieve a successful stepparent adoption application request being granted. This is not a process that people usually attempt on their own, since they want to ensure that things run smoothly, something our firm is committed to making sure happens.

The real joy is standing by your side at the adoption ceremony, which, in Travis County, is held at a specific time and day. These ceremonies are usually family affairs where people are invited to take pictures with the judge and the child gets to experience a courtroom in a pleasant setting.


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