Divorce Decree Modifications

The final divorce decree or final SAPCR Order is rarely the end of the story. Parents previously involved in divorce or SAPCR litigation often find that they need to change or modify their original agreement as life goes on and circumstances change.

Whenever two parties want or need to change the prior court order, a formal legal process is required. This process does not have to be a drawn-out court proceeding, but it is necessary to file a formal, agreed modification order with the court.

The most frequent type of modification is a child support agreement modification, but modifications are also possible with regard to child custody, child visitation, and spousal support agreements. We can help you modify your court order when you feel circumstances have changed substantially and warrant revisiting an issue from your divorce agreement.

Collaborative law is also an appropriate and low conflict way to address modifications.


One of the most valuable services we offer our clients is helping them figure out which type of conflict resolution process will work best for them and their families — both in terms of the family's circumstances and our individual client's budget.


  • Mediation : Well-trained in mediation, Ms. Stanley will mediate child support modification agreements between ex-spouses or unmarried parents.
  • Collaborative family law : In collaborative law, the parties agree at the beginning of the process that they will work together to reach a decision about modifying child support. The parties are represented by lawyers who also commit to helping their clients reach agreement without the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation.


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