Limited Scope Representation

Not every family law matter needs to be a long, drawn out matter. Sometimes, the need for an attorney is limited to a single issue. In these instances, it helps to be able to turn to a lawyer who offers limited scope representation.

Limited scope representation is also sometimes referred to as unbundled legal services as when a law firm offers to help people with an isolated legal transaction. At Linda Stanley, P.L.L.C., located in Austin, Texas, we offer limited scope representation for a wide variety of family law matters as part of being a comprehensive, full-service law firm. If you believe you have a matter that is suitable for limited scope representation, please contact us today to schedule a confidential appointment.

Limited scope is ideal for people who can't afford or do not want to allocate a large retainer for a family law matter. Limited scope representation can also help you budget for a certain legal transaction that you need to have resolved or handled. Examples of limited scope representation services we provide, include:



In some cases, certain matters of litigation can also fall within the limited scope representation category since the attorney will only be representing the client on that particular issue, such as a child support modification. Even if you and your ex-spouse have already agreed to new terms, Linda Stanley can help you draft and submit to the court an agreed order, divorce forms, a pleading, or a post-judgment modification.

You may also want a lawyer to represent you at a state initiated child support enforcement hearing. That matter is easily handled under a limited scope agreement. You may be more comfortable going to court with a lawyer to assist you at such a hearing. As a practical matter, the Attorney general Court in Travis County takes up the cases with lawyers before all other cases. That substantially cuts down on the time you spend in court that day.

Our office can also draft a letter to someone that involves a family law matter. We can also help you with a mediation that concerns a particular issue that needs to be resolved.


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