Step Parent Adoptions

Many times, a step-parent desires to become the adoptive and forever parent of the child he or she has cared for and loved for some time. With care and precise adherence to the requirements of the law, a parent and child relationship can be established legally acknowledging and solidifying the bond that already exists between the step-parent and child.


In Texas, a child must have lived with the parent who intends to adopt him or her for at least six months. A lawsuit is filed by the adoptive parent and spouse. A  social study will be prepared for the Court and certain documentation must be a gathered and put together for the Court.


If the rights of the biological parent of the child have not been terminated, the adoption suit will be joined with a termination suit and the rights of the biological parent can be voluntarily relinquished or severed for cause.


The adoption is finalized in a short ceremony in court at which everyone, from the child to the judge thoroughly enjoys.  Friends and family are welcome to join in and be a part of the very happy occasion.


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