Non-Standard Visitation Schedules in Texas

No two families in this world are the same. It then follows that when a family is going through a divorce that no two families will have the exact same needs when deciding on a child visitation and custody schedule. This is why it is so important to have an attorney who understands all of your needs and can help you plan accordingly.

In Texas, courts now allow nonstandard child custody and visitation schedules with more and more frequency because they understand that people's schedules and circumstances are more varied now than in the past. At Linda Stanley, P.L.L.C., we are also conscious of people's lifestyles and commitments, so we take a more creative approach when helping people draft parenting plans. To learn more about our approach, please contact us today and schedule an appointment at our Austin office.

Collaborative law is especially suited for parents to work through challenging possession schedules for their families.

These types of child visitation agreements take a lot of patience, creativity and cooperation to execute, so utilizing mediation or collaborative law are usually optimal. These open forums can create an atmosphere of cooperation and allow for free discourse that can give rise to better options that suit the parents and the children.

Linda Stanley is trained in collaborative law and has experience handling collaborative divorces. Call our office to see if collaborative law is a good option for your family.

In some of these child visitation schedules, child support may or may not change, depending on the possession divisions and the needs of each parent and child. Whatever your needs are, we are equipped to provide solutions and options that can help create a positive environment for you and your children.

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