Mediation in Divorce Cases

In divorce mediation, a neutral conflict resolution professional helps spouses come to an agreement about their divorce or other family dispute. Once an agreement is reached, the agreement is memorialized in a Mediated Settlement Agreement. The parties can participate with or without a lawyer, but a lawyer will be needed afterwards to prepare the closing documents based on the Mediated Settlement Agreement.


Linda Stanley: Trained and Qualified in Divorce Mediation

Attorney Linda J. Stanley is an Austin, Texas, family law attorney who has been in practice since 1984. Ms. Stanley has completed the basic 40 hours of mediation training along with an additional 24 hours of family law mediation training and has mediated over 250 cases. Her law offices focus exclusively on resolving family law disputes via mediation, collaborative law and litigation when necessary.

Ms. Stanley has mediated hundreds of cases, including divorces, other family law matters, employment disputes and personal injury cases. She has also been appointed frequently by the Travis County judges to mediate Child Protective Services cases.

If you are interested in mediation of your divorce or other family law conflict, please contact our offices to schedule an appointment.

What Does Divorce Mediation Look Like?

An attorney-mediator meets with the spouses together and addresses with them all issues that need to be resolved to finalize their divorce. The attorney-mediator helps the parties reach agreement on the issues and prepares a comprehensive Mediated Settlement Agreement. The attorney mediator does not represent either party in the litigation. Attorneys in Texas cannot represent both parties to a divorce. The attorney-mediator cannot draft the decree.


When Is Divorce Mediation a Good Idea?

Although most mediations in divorce cases occur when the parties and their lawyers cannot reach agreement, some couples may be considering mediation because they want to resolve their divorce without each of them obtaining a lawyer. This can be done, but the parties must understand that the lawyer who mediates your case cannot prepare your divorce decree. State Bar rules prohibit that.

You should call our office to discuss how best to proceed with your divorce.

If you are interested in mediation, you may find that collaborative law is a better choice.


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Austin, Texas: Divorce Mediation Attorney

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