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When family conflicts become so difficult that you turn to a lawyer for guidance, it helps to know that your attorney has your best interests at heart.

Linda Stanley practices family law exclusively, which means she is able to concentrate her attention on the needs of our clients involved in family conflict and draw on her many ties to community resources and the legal community developed over her years of practice in the same field in Austin and the surrounding area. She is intimately familiar with the Texas child support laws and keeps up-to-date as laws and regulations change in order to ensure her clients are well-informed and aligned with the law in their choices.

We offer a variety of conflict resolution styles, and we have the experience to help you decide how to proceed based on the type of dispute and your financial resources:

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  • Collaborative divorce : In collaborative divorce, the spouses agree ahead of time that they will work together — with their lawyers — to reach a divorce agreement without court intervention. Collaborative law may also be used to resolve other family law disputes.
  • Mediation : Attorney Linda Stanley will mediate a divorce agreement between two spouses without attorneys involved in the mediation process. Divorce mediation can be one of the most cost-effective means of ending a marriage, if both parties are committed to the mediation process. Mediation can also be a valuable tool for helping unmarried parents, same sex parents and domestic partners come to an agreement regarding what will happen with regards to their children, as well as any other issues that need to be resolved once the relationship ends.
  • Legal representation in adversarial proceedings: Mediation and collaborative law are not appropriate for every case. For those cases in which it is necessary to hire a lawyer to represent you in litigation, Linda Stanley is an experienced litigator who will work tirelessly to advocate for her clients in court.

Resolving Post-Divorce Conflict

In addition to providing legal representation in divorce cases, our office represents clients in disputes that arise after the divorce decree is final, including:

Resolving Family Matters Unrelated to Divorce

Family law encompasses many issues that are unrelated to divorce or marriage. Our office also represents unmarried individuals, grandparents and domestic partners in issues such as:

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